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Inside the World Vision #Hungerfree Quarterly Subscription Boxes

World Vision Hunger Free Box

Last year, World Vision Canada had launched the #Hungerfree Quarterly (HFQ)” subscription boxes to Canada. These boxes are created from partners who truly celebrate food with the main goal to help communities become hunger free.  The box combines hand crafted products from Kenya made by locals, a “Hunger Free Quarterly” magazine with stories and information, as well as recipes.

The small bowls that were from the very first box (vol.1) are on my counter tops every single day! (Check out what was in the Vol. 1 #Hungerfree Quarterly box)

World Vision #HungerFree Box 2017

Bowls from Vol. 1 box

Thanks again to World Vision Canada, I received the latest (Vol. 4) HFQ box. I was pleasantly surprised with some new changes including:

  • Different artisan products! There was a beautiful olive wood serving bowl, mulling spice, and an apron.
  • In the “Hunger Free Quarterly” magazine, there were valuable stories and recipes from Chef/Photographer/Cook Book Author Dennis Prescott; as well as from co-creators, Voula Halliday, Charlene Theodore, and Aimee Wimbush-Bourque. I am so proud of each of them (many are fellow food bloggers/food writers) for their contribution and coming up with mouth-watering recipes.
World Vision Hunger Free Box 2017 (3)

“HFQ Vol. 4” box

The subscription boxes are a wonderful idea! Subscribing to the boxes helps us move towards a Hunger Free world through World Vision’s #Hungerfree campaign. On top of that, the box provides  tasty recipes, heartfelt stories, and artisan products. Once again I was truly amazed with the quality, the craftsmanship, and the story behind every single item in the box.

World Vision Hunger Free Box 2017 (3)

Recipe cards

Head to for more information including how to subscribe to the boxes.

Other ways you can help work together towards a #hungerfree world is to text “hunger” to 45678 to donate $5. I did it! It is so easy and every bit counts.

*Disclosure: I had received the Vol. 4 box complimentary from World Vision. All opinions in the post are my own.

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