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[Review] Golden Palace Restaurant-Best egg rolls in Ottawa

Address: 2195 Carling Ave., Ottawa, ON
When I visited: August 2016

Summer is long over, but it’s never too late to reminisce on memorable eats. With family in Ottawa, I normally make a trip a few times a year. A trip to Canada’s capital is not complete without a visit to my uncle’s restaurant, Pho Bac Oriental cuisine, and my friend’s restaurant in Kanata, Authentic Vietnamese Pho House.

I am thankful to have been introduced to the tasty egg rolls from my blogger friend Vicky of Now, my trip to Ottawa also means a stop to  Golden Palace Tavern Restaurant.

Bill Kwong is the 3rd generation owner and it is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Ottawa. Based on the sign and decor, it was obvious the restaurant was from the 1960s.

Golden Palace Tavern Restaurant

When I stopped by at noon, the restaurant was pretty quiet inside but there were several customers waiting for take out; specifically to buy the egg rolls. I imagine the restaurant to be booming with diners once upon a time.

Now, what makes the egg rolls so damn incredible?

Growing up, I have only seen egg rolls with a thick yellow and hard skin with a skimpy amount of fillings usually with just veggies; specially carrots, cabbage and bean sprouts. Egg rolls were typically served with a fluorescent pink sweet and sour sauce. I am sure you know what I am talking about!

I totally imagined the egg rolls to be small and thinly shaped, so I ordered 24 for take-out.

When my order arrived, I had NO idea they would be so big! The fillings were full of pork, and some veggies with a crispy wrapper!  The burnt ends didn’t taste bitter surprisingly. Yes, they were oily but they were worth the indulgence! The egg rolls were served with Dijon mustard which really accompanied the egg rolls well. To top it off, each egg roll was only about $2!

Inside the eggrolls

My husband and I loved them so much, we ate all 24 egg rolls in 2 days! They also freeze well, so pile up for your next party.

Golden Palace egg rolls

I am happy that a restaurant from the 1960s is still operating and adapting to the times. The Golden Palace has a modern website and are on social media as well (Instagram @goldenpalaceottawa and Twitter @gpeggrolls).

The egg rolls are so popular, they are sold at Scotiabank Place, and can be ordered online and shipped across Ontario.

My uncles used to own a Chinese restaurant in Ottawa when I was younger and made the egg rolls the same way as Golden Palace, including the wrapping of the egg rolls. Ah, if only their restaurant was still around!

I wish the restaurant continued success. Try them out and let me know what you think!

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