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[Travel stories] My top 3 excursions in Boracay

Travel location: Boracay, Philippines
When I went: October 2014

My husband and I did not bring our baby along to our trip to the Philippines, which gave us an opportunity to take advantage of the excursions while we were in Boracay.

I have done several excursions at all-inclusive resorts in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, but they weren’t as memorable as the ones in Boracay. For one, the prices were amazing for the length of the excursions. 

My 1 hour snorkeling excursion was about $20 USD. Our boat circulated the entire Boracay island with multiple stops to snorkel, and we even passed Manny Pacquiao’s Boracay mansion.

Snorkeling time

Snorkeling time

Manny Pacquiao's beach resort

Manny Pacquiao’s beach resort

The parasailing experience was incredible because my husband and I were lifted up extremely high (I wonder if the height is illegal in some countries) and was up in the air for 20 + minutes. The boat ride was extremely bumpy, which is not comfortable for anyone who gets motion sickness.



The craziest excursion was the fly-fish boat ride, which was an inflatable boat dragged by a motor boat and can sit up to 9 passengers. There were no seat belts, just handles to hold on to. The boat flipped to an almost 90 degree angle several times, with twists and turns at high speeds. In order to stay on, even the strongest passenger had to hold on for dear life! My friend flew off so badly that one of his shoe fell off and he had injured his leg.  I fell off twice, with my bikini almost falling off with it! I would likely not go on the fly fish again, but so happy I had experienced it!

Crazy fly fish ride

Crazy fly fish ride

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