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[Recipe] Chef Chuck Hughes Easy Tomato Pie

Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes recently partnered with LG Canada with a #LGChuckBites campaign to showcase his recipes using LG appliances.

In November 2016, a few food writers and I were invited to a small cooking studio downtown Toronto to watch Chuck in action in the kitchen whipping up a delicious tomato pie. We were able to chat, get a tour of the kitchen, and taste the pie. Being a huge Chuck fan, this intimate and engaging experience surpasses my previous encounters (read about my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time meeting Chuck Hughes). I can’t wait to add our picture to my signed memorabilia collection from Chuck.


The tomato pie recipe that Chuck adapted from his mom was easy to make and tasty! The assembling really takes about 5 minutes once all the ingredients are gathered. The pie had 2 layers of tomatoes and cheese and a sauce made with egg and mayo to bind the ingredients together, on top of a flaky phyllo crust. We had a light arugula salad with fresh herbs on the side. If you can’t find phyllo pastry, store-bought pie crust is a great substitute.

Chuck's tomato pie us ready for the oven

Chuck’s tomato pie us ready for the oven





Chef Chuck Hughes

Chef Chuck Hughes


The pie was baked in the LG electric range with a ProBake Convection™ System. The heating element in the oven is at the back, instead of the bottom which promotes even cooking and a breeze to clean.

The LG French 3 door fridge in the kitchen was not only the coolest and nicest fridge I have ever seen, it is functional with lots of storage space inside as well. When you knock on the right door of the fridge, the window lights up and the contents in the fridge can be seen. Read the specs of the LFXS30796D model.

Picture courtesy of LG Canada

Picture courtesy of LG Canada

lfxs30796d model. :icture courtesy of LG Canada

lfxs30796d model. Picture courtesy of LG Canada

I look forward to using Chef Hughes brand of products that he is proud to produce and put his name on. The all-natural hot sauce and extra virgin olive oil will taste great with the tomato pie!

Chef Chuck Hughes products

Chef Chuck Hughes products

*Disclosure: I was invited to the cooking studio with all food, drinks and swag bag complimentary. All opinions in the post are my own.

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