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[Travel stories] Cool themed lounges at the Taipei airport

Travel location: Stopover at the Taipei airport (Taiwan) going to the Philippines
When I went: October and November 2014

We had a stopover to the Taipei airport and I was thoroughly impressed. It was clean and there were several themed lounge areas for each waiting area with free-wifi. It was fun going from lounge-to-lounge to take pictures (like tourists do) and chill in the sitting area. The Hello Kitty lounge was beside a huge Hello Kitty Store, perfect for buying small kitchen appliances, stationary and toys with this Sanrio character.

The noodles that we had at the food court was tasty, better than airplane food that’s for sure and costed us about $10 USD for a combo. My husband and I ended up going back to the food court on our way back to Toronto when we stopped at the airport again.


Hello Kitty themed waiting area




Taipei Airport

Taipei Airport

Stopovers at airports aren’t so bad when they are as cool as this one.

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