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[Travel stories] Top places to eat in Boracay

Travel location: Boracay, Philippines
When I went: October 2014

There were tons of restaurant selections in Boracay from traditional Filipino fair, Italian eats to American pub food. Here are my recommendations based on the restaurants I have tried:

1. Mesa– The restaurant serves beautifully plated Filipino cuisine. It’s a reputable chain with a clean and modern decor. My husband and I enjoyed the fried tilapia with various vinegar sauces, as well as the pork adobo.



2. Gerry’s GrillA chained restaurant seen in the Philippines, California, Qatar and Singapore. The restaurant had many tables on the beach and served grilled meats and seafood. What stood out to me were the meat skewers, garlic rice and squid.

Boracay meals (5)

Gerry's Grill

Gerry’s Grill

3. The Hobbit House– The hobbit themed pub was a great place for pictures and drinks with friends, while being served by midgets.

Boracay meals (6)

The Hobbit House

The Hobbit House

4. Global, Traveling Chef Restaurant– The restaurant served a tasty traditional breakfast of longanisa sausages, garlic rice and a fried egg. The restaurant is right on the strip overlooking the beach. 



5. Boracay Regency Beach Resort, dinner buffet. The grilled meat and seafood selection was incredible, and there was a halo halo station for dessert. It was a happening spot in the evenings with the chefs doing synchronized dances.

Boracay meals (10)

Boracay meals (9)

Boracay meals (4)

Buffet by the beach

Buffet by the beach

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