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{Review} The Drake Devonshire Inn and Restaurant in Prince Edward County (PEC)

Twitter Handle: @thedrakehotel
Address: 24 Wharf St., Wellington, ON
When I went: August 2015, Dinner, 12 people
Ratings: $$$, 4

The Drake Devonshire Inn and Restaurant was my family’s first choice for my father-in-law’s birthday celebration in ‘The County’. Over the decades (since 1860), the building had changed several owners and in 2012, it was sold to The Drake Hotel. 

I heard from friends that during the cheese festival and the busy summer season, getting reservations would be challenging, and they were spot on. After leaving several voice mails, I had to do some convincing with a representative for her to squeeze us in for a few hours before the next reservation.

Getting there was not easy. After exiting the highway going into Prince Edward County, it took us about 40 mins and several turns before arriving at the restaurant. Luckily, based on our experience, it was worth the drive to the beautiful restaurant.

The restaurant had different sections, each one with a different feel and design, with a large deck and walkway that led right to the lake. Our group sat in a cozy room with a fireplace, high ceilings, large windows and a large mural.

The Drake Devonshire

The Drake Devonshire

For the menu, we were given options for the The Drake’s ‘Fish Camp Food Truck’ which operates outside the restaurant, a children’s menu and a dinner menu.

From the food truck, we ordered the lobster nachos ($22) to share amongst four people.

The Drake Devonshire Food Truck $22 lobster nachos


For dinner, I ordered the Devonshire Burger with 6 oz Prinzen beef, with Black River cheddar, shredded lettuce, onion, crispy bacon, and Russian dressing on a house-made milk bun with hand cut fries ($18). I requested the burger to be done medium rare, and it was cooked to perfection. The burger was juicy, well seasoned with thick slices of bacon.

The Drake Devonshire burger

The Drake Devonshire burger

My husband ordered the Roast Suckling Pig with slow roasted milk-fed pork with house-made milk buns, turmeric fermented cabbage and beet mustard ($24). My husband made little sandwiches and enjoyed every bite.

The Drake Devonshire pork belly

The Drake Devonshire pork belly

My daughter had crispy Chicken Tenders with hand cut fries, which came with real apple juice and house-made ice cream. I enjoyed that the honey mustard dip was also made in-house and the extra crispy batter on the chicken.

The Drake Devonshire children's meal $15

I had a bite of my sister-in-law’s Grilled Lamb Ribs and they were outstanding! It was the first time I had lamb ribs and this one knocked me off my feet with the tenderness. I wonder how long it was cooked for?

Lamb ribs

Lamb ribs

If I had any suggestions, I would lower the price of the children’s menu (it was around $18) and I would offer a complimentary slice of cake for special occasions, like my father-in-law’s birthday.


When visiting Price Edward County (PEC), The Drake Devonshire is a must visit restaurant and Inn inside a historical building overseeing the lake front. The restaurants sources as much of their ingredients locally and makes many items such as the burgers, buns, sauces and ice-cream from scratch which lends to the quality and taste of the food. Do try to make reservations well in advanced.

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