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{Review} Ethiopian House, one of the best lunch deals at Yonge St. and Bloor St.

Address: 4 Irwin Ave., Toronto, ON
When I went: Several times 2014 & 2015 for lunch
Rating: $, 5 (based on the lunch deal)

There is a reason why the Ethiopian House has been opened for 20 years; the owner is friendly, the food is authentic and the prices are reasonable.

Working close by, I am constantly searching for inexpensive lunch deals without doing the fast-food route. Ethiopian House hits the mark!

My friend and I normally order the vegetarian lunch special ($7.45) which includes 7 servings of vegetarian dishes, and the meat lunch special (Bayaaynatu  for $7.95) which includes small servings of tibs (pan fried beef), kitfo (beef tartar) or cooked collard greens and cottage cheese served with injera.

The injera (a slightly spongy flatbread) is the perfect medium to pick up the food with my hands and to soak up all the beautiful flavours. Can you believe it was not love at first sight when I first had injera? Now, I crave the injera and Ethiopian food often! I think eating with my hands heightens the flavours.

Ethiopian House

Ethiopian House

Veggie and meat lunch special

Veggie and meat lunch special



For less than $20 before tax for 2 people, the lunch special is filling and oh-so-delicious!! For the quality of food, taste and portions, this tops my list as one of the best deals in the Yonge and Bloor area.

I have been here for dinner and also enjoyed the dishes. This restaurants gets a big thumbs up from me.

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