Meeting celebrity chefs and hosts/ My thoughts

Pressure Cooker airs Oct. 7th,2014 with Mary Tang’s episode airing on Remembrance Day, remember that!

Fall means new TV shows! I love reality TV cooking competition shows and even more pumped that I am in it! I will remind everyone closer to the date, but MY EPISODE AIRS TUES. NOVEMBER 11th AT 9:00pm EST. 

Set your PVRs, watch it live but no matter what, don’t miss out on this exciting new show!!

The show “illustrates the real-life pressures of cooking at home when time is tight and ingredients are scarce, pitting skilled home cooks against the clock – and each other. Featuring Giles Coren as tasting expert and host Anne-Marie Withenshaw, competing home cooks race against time for a grand prize of one year’s worth of groceries” (Source: Bristow Global Media website)

Pressure Cooker E-Flyer


I encourage you to tweet during the show with hashtag #PressureCooker for an interactive session with award-winning host Anne-Marie Withenshaw (@amwithenshaw) and the “the world’s fiercest restaurant critic” Giles Coren (@gilescoren), as well as the celebrity chefs.

Before each episode, more information about the contestant will be revealed. Check out the W Network (@w_network) website HERE for more information and the promo for the show! My episode will be posted on the website after the original episode airs.

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