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[Charity Event with Video] Highlights of Fête Chinoise 2017

Fete Chinoise 2017

On November 18th, 2017, Fête Chinoise was an unforgettable luxury experience at the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto and a cultural encounter designed by the city’s best in events, fashion, food, beauty, design, and photography. Thank you to Fête Chinoise for the invitation where I had a memorable experience with my mom.

Fete Chinoise 2017

Fete Chinoise 2017

The luxury event showcase and cocktail gala definitely left attendees like me in-awe and inspired by all the beauty and creativity. It was hands down the most beautiful charity event I have been to! The beautiful gala was a fundraiser to support The Markham Stouffville Hospital and Fu-Gen Theatre.

Some of the highlights of Fête Chinoise 2017- “Luck & Ritual” are:

The museum-like setting left me inspired! Each room had a different theme and name, all focused around the Chinese culture with names including Chinese New Year, The Jade Garden, The Emperer’s Birthday and Qixi Festival.

There was incredible entertainment with a lion dance, as well as various bands performing on the ballroom stage.

It was an interactive event with lots to do from eating, tea tasting, getting our names written in Chinese calligraphy, and getting photos taken by various photography booths.

There were tasty eats including abalone and sea cucumber maw soup, dim sum, and Hong Kong style milk tea.

Everyone dressed to impress! 

The event was sold out and was a success! 100% of the proceeds went to support The Markham Stouffville Hospital and Fu-Gen Theatre (Canada’s premiere Asian Canadian theatre company).

I had a really good time and didn’t want the day to end!

The video was the best way to capture Fête Chinoise! Please subscribe to my channel (with monthly videos).

For more information and photos from the event, head to and @fetechinoise on Instagram.
* Disclosure: The pair of tickets to Fete Chinoise were complimentary as media passes to cover the event. Thank you to all the sponsors as well for the gift bag. The opinions in the post are my own.
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