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[Product Review] Espuña Tapas Essentials available at Longos

Espuña ( was established in 1947 when Esteve Espuña began making sausages using traditional recipes in his farmhouse near Olot, Spain. The Espuña family currently maintains ownership of the operations and combines innovative practices to ensure that their “old world Spanish cured meats maintain artisan craftsmanship for a truly Spanish experience”.

With production plants in Argentina and Spain, Espuña Tapas Essentials have expanded globally and are now available in Canada. Yeah! The products are currently available at all Longos Markets in Ontario and selective Loblaw’s locations.  We can experience genuine Spanish flavours and taste, without having to travel to Spain.

Espuña products include regionally inspired products such as Barcelona Style Salami, Bilbao Style Salami, Spanish Chorizo Salami and Spanish Chorizo Ham. Their products can be classified by “Ready to Serve” products and “Heat and Serve” products, where the pre-cooked items are heated for 1 minute before serving.


I had the opportunity to try out some “Ready to serve” products including the Original Olot Canitas, Salami Canitas, and Chorizo Canitas, as well as the Original Olot Salami and Spanish Chorizo Salami (see picture below).


What I enjoyed about Espuña Tapas Essentials:

  • Pretty packaging, and easy to read labels. Great first impression on the quality of the product before opening it. The picture inside and outside the package provides suggestions on how to serve the cured meats, which are great for those new to eating tapas.
  • Easy to store. The meat does not require refrigeration and best kept in a cool, dry place.
  • I like the texture of the canitas. The inside is slightly soft, instead of the hard chewy and ultra salty pepperoni sticks that are similar in shape.
  • The Original Olot Salami and Spanish Chorizo Salami have totally different flavour profiles. For those who enjoy paprika and a bit of heat, the chorizo salami should be on your list.
  • They taste really good! Not overly salty and each bite has flavour.
  • My family loves them too!

Here are 2 ideas on how to serve the products:

1. Charcuterie Board with your favourite crackers, olives and cheese.



2. Zucchini bites with Espuña’s Spanish Chorizo Salami.


Keeping the skin on, cut the zucchini slices 1 inch thick. Sprinkle with salt and Spanish paprika on both sides of the slice and grill. Next, grill slices of tomatoes. The grilled tomato becomes soft and serves as the sauce.

Top each grilled zucchini slice with the grilled tomato, Espuña Spanish Chorizo salami slices, and a cilantro leaf.

Will I buy these? You bet I will! I am excited that Espuña Tapas Essentials from Spain are available in Canada for us to enjoy!

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*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was given the products to sample, but the opinions expressed in the post are my own. I have used “nofollow” links.

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