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[Review] The Loft Cooking class at Longos

Location: 9200 Weston Rd. Woodbridge, ON.
When I attended: June 2015

My husband and I attended a class at Longos grocery store called “Can Argentina be Chile?”, where our instructor Chef Chris Pires taught us how to make a churrasco beef steak using a flat-iron steak with homemade chimichurri sauce over a bed of saffron rice, a Chilean red snapper with gaucho style black beans and sweet bread pudding. The cost per person for this class was $30/person.



Bread pudding

Bread pudding

Although the class was not hands-on, the students had an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the teacher. Chef Pires was helpful in providing tips rather than what was in the pamphlets given and showed a true passion for teaching and cooking. His website is to learn more about him.


The class is best for those who are learning how to cook from scratch. The menu was not intimidating and great for home cooks to replicate at home. All the ingredients were available at Longos which was convenient. Although I won a contest to attend the class, I feel the price is fair. I had a delicious and filling dinner with the food made in-class, aside from the demonstration. The classes at Longos makes a great date night idea without getting your hands dirty.

Check out the Longos website for participating locations.

*I won a contest to attend a cooking class but this is not a sponsored post. I wanted to share my experience.

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