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[Product Review] Order Chefs Plate with #THEMARYTANG referral tag

*Disclosure: I was given the meal kits by Chefs Plate to try out and was asked to provide an honest review. The opinions in the post are truly my own. I have used “no follow” links.

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Lucky me, I haven’t had to grocery shop for the last 2 weeks as I have given meal delivery kits to try out from more than one company (read my OneKitchen review).

With a busy lifestyle, meal kit services are attractive as it saves customers time to grocery shop, while receiving healthy and tasty meals that are pre-portioned and easy to prepare. It seems like more and more companies are popping up with similar services (Blog TOs 2015 list of meal delivery options).

Chefs Plate box

Chefs Plate box

I believe that Chefs Plate is the most well known of the meal delivery subscription companies, with a focus on Chef-inspired meals and farm fresh ingredients. I have had several friends who have used the service and I have seen tons of advertisement popping up on my Facebook feeds. Chefs plate has done well in Ontario, and have expanded their operations to Western Canada including B.C, Alberta and Manitoba, with plans to expand to other provinces.

I was given the 2-person meal plan for 2 days ($10.95 per serving). I ordered the Herb and Garlic Steak with pesto potatoes and roasted on-the-vine tomatoes, as well as the Piri Piri Chicken with sweet potato wedges and a baby spinach salad. The kits were delivered in refrigerated boxes with ice packs to keep the meat cold, and a picture guide. Both meals were estimated to take about 30/35 minutes of preparation time. I also received an apron, which will definitely be put to good use.

Chefs Plate

Chefs Plate

What I liked:

  • The box that the food came in is 100% recycle. The box is functional with a thermal lining on the cardboard so I will be reusing the box.


  • The meat is labeled with “locally sourced” with a best before date. This provides customers confidence in their quality, and they live up to the “farm-to-table” ingredients.


  • Having the ingredients in paper bags gave a ‘farm-like’ feel, and showcased Chefs Plates commitment in trying to reduce waste. I liked that one side of the bag had a small window for the ingredients in the bag to peak through.


  • Their picture guide has nutritional ingredients listed. Although, I rarely look at this, it may appeal to others. For the instructions, I liked that they bolded the text for their ingredients, which made it easier for me to scan the page during cooking. Again, it’s all about the details.
  • I like that the meals change weekly and that the meal options for the following week is also listed online.
  • With the 2 person or family plan, the cost per serving is less than $11.

I wanted to make sure there was more than enough to eat, so I ended up cooking 2 meals in one evening. Because I did this, instead of 30 minutes to prepare as suggested on the picture guide, the entire meal took almost 1.5 hours from start to finish. The meals had similar cooking techniques for both, where the meat was pan fried and then placed in the oven afterwards. I liked that the basil pesto was pre-made to save me time.

Instruction guide

Instruction guide

Cooking 2 meals at once. Prepping the ingredients

Cooking 2 meals at once. Prepping the ingredients


For the herb and garlic steak dinner, I felt like I could have had more slices as one steak was to be portioned out for 2 servings. Perhaps it would have enough for others. I did feel that they Piri Piri chicken was more appropriately portioned for 2 servings with 1 chicken leg per person.

One pan cooking

One pan cooking

Herb and Garlic Steak (Note: I added the entire steak to this dish, rather than splitting it into 2)

Herb and Garlic Steak (Note: I added the entire steak to this dish, rather than splitting it into 2)

Piri Piri Chicken (picture of 1serving)

Piri Piri Chicken (picture of 1 serving)

Is it worth ordering from Chefs Plate?

Yes. If meal delivery services fits your lifestyle, then try out Chefs Plate. You will be eating quality ingredients from local suppliers that are hard to source yourself. As someone who grocery shops often, quality ingredients such as small vine tomatoes and steak from a local butcher can rack up your grocery bill, so it’s best to leave it to the Chefs Plate to do all the work for you.

The dishes I made came out delicious and the recipes were easy to follow.

Another reason to order from Chefs Plate is that they have an excellent referral program to get you free meals, so you and your friends benefit.

Visit for more information on their subscription plans and pricing.


All you have to do is sign up using my URL or use my referral tag #THEMARYTANG

You will get 3 FREE PLATE CREDITS off your first order with Chefs Plate (that’s $33 off your first order). I will receive  2 free plate credits just for referring you. It’s a win-win for both of us!

Try them out and show me what you made?  Tags us in your Instagram pictures@maryshappybelly and @Chefsplate 

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