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[Event] 3rd Annual Taste of Toronto

Twitter/Instagram Handle: @tasteoftoronto
Address: 250 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto ON
When I attended: June 25th, 2016 evening session from 5:30-10:00pm

There are many food festivals that I have attended where the attendees need to be 19+, so I appreciate that Taste of Toronto is all ages. It has been an annual tradition for me to attend this event with my husband and kids (read about my 2014 and 2015 experience).

Photo credit: Sarjoun Faour Courtesy of Taste of TorontoPhoto credit: Sarjoun Faour Courtesy of Taste of Toronto

I went on the same night of the week for the last two years, and this year was considerably busier as lines filled up quickly with longer waiting times. I appreciated that on the website, they had posted the menu card. It had listed the dishes available from each restaurant and the number of crowns needed. I had most of my dishes planned out based on recommendations from friends and family who had attended on a different day. Despite the line ups, attendees like myself return year-after-year knowing that the restaurants serve solid dishes. Overall, big props to Taste of Toronto for a great turnout and another successful year!


I bought 60 crowns ($60) to share with my husband and I, and it was more than enough.

What we ate:

Carver- Porchetta Pizza with Fior de Latte mozzarella, green asparagus, truffle, poached egg yolk and fresh basil. This was my first stop and I loved it. The focaccia crust was crispy with fresh and tasty toppings, with the perfect poached yolk.



Kanpai Snack Bar-Taiwanese fried chicken (TFC) with a side of Taiwanese kimchi. I am still trying to figure out how Chef Trevor Lui gets the skin so crispy! This was my favourite dish of the evening!

Kanpai Snack Bar

Kanpai Snack Bar

The McEwan Group-Ricotta gnudi with Ontario lamb ragout and pecorino. The sauce tasted like it was cooked low and slow for hours with lots of tender meat in a hearty sauce! I have gotten dishes from the McEwan Group every year as they consistently make delicious dishes.


El Caballito Tequila Y Tacos & Los Colibris- Tostada cochinita pibil, a slow cooked pork in achiote and banana leaf, with avocados from Mexico, pickled onions and habanero sauce. The second dish was the Churro Nest with housemade ice cream. The churros was a little hard but the vanilla bean ice cream was great to have during the warm summer evening.

El Caballto Tequila Y Tacos & Los Colibris

El Caballto Tequila Y Tacos & Los Colibris

El Caballto Tequila Y Tacos & Los Colibris

El Caballto Tequila Y Tacos & Los Colibris

Miku Restaurant-Green tea Opera and Yuzunade, a green tea genoise, matcha butter cream, dark chocolate ganache, adzuki bean cream and hazlenut wafer. This was a great last dish to wrap up my evening. I can tell there was a lot of work that went into making the dessert, so worth the 6 crowns!


We went with friends and luckily had a chance to sample a few other dishes as well.

As always, I really appreciate vendors that provide free samples, many were super generous like Metro (one of the sponsors) and Blue Goose.

Metro reps giving out freedrinks

Metro reps giving out free drinks

Ace Bakery

Ace Bakery gave out toast with different spreads

Just Craft soda samples

‘Just Craft’ soda samples

Blue Goose samples

Blue Goose samples

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Hashtag: #TasteofToronto

If you went to Taste of Toronto, what were your favourite dishes? Comment below. See you next year at Taste of Toronto.

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*Disclosure: The admission ticket was complimentary but all opinions in the post are my own. I bought crowns for the food and drinks.

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