{Review} Pho Cuu Long Mien Tay on St. Clair W.

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Address: 1750 St. Clair Ave. W,. Toronto, ON
When I Went: July 2015, lunch, 3 people
Ratings: 3, $$

My friend had introduced me to Pho Cuu Long Mien Tay (a long name that is SO hard to remember!), a hidden gem located around the St. Clair Ave. and Caledonia area.

On a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant was full of returning customers who spoke Vietnamese to the owners. My first impression was that the restaurant looked run down with outdated and faded wall paper.

From scanning their menu, what makes the restaurant stand out from other Vietnamese restaurants in Toronto is that they offered a special chef’s section and a hot pot section, aside from the typical rice, vermicelli and pho options.

Based on recommendations, my husband and I we ordered the chef special where the beef would be served 7 ways ($27), as well as the fish sauce chicken wings. 

The fish sauce chicken wings were delicious with a batter that was not overly salty and the center was piping hot.

Fish sauce chicken wings

As for the “Seven courses of beef”, although most of the dishes were tasty, the portions were small and not worth it for the price. For the Vietnamese sausages for example, we would get 2 tiny pieces, which should not count as a course.

We ended up going to SeaWitch Fish and Chips down the street to have a second lunch to make up for our hunger.

Beef 7 ways

The beef did tasted like it was marinated for hours with the beef wrapped in lolot leaves, sausages and beef satay as my favourite.

Unfortunately the servers did not explain the dishes as they came out, and did not let us know that we would not be getting the steamed beef patty as offered on the menu. They had replaced it with a beef and red pepper stir-fry, that had more peppers than meat. We had to figure out the swap for ourselves.

Beef 7 ways

Beef 7 ways


Having looked around at what the other customers had ordered, it looked like the hot pot was a popular choice, as well as the regular items such as pho and vermicelli.  The dishes I had ordered was a great introduction to the restaurant, but I’ll be back to try other menu items instead.

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