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[Review] Wonderpho, a modern Vietnamese Restaurant in North York

Address: 865 York Mills Rd, Toronto, ON
When I visited: August 2015, lunch
Rating: $, 3

I noticed on their website in June 2016, the restaurant is permanently closed. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

There are few Vietnamese restaurants that do popups at Food Festivals, and Wonderpho is an exception. I first had their Vietnamese coffee at the TO Food Festival, so their logo and name had stuck with me. With recommendations from a few food blogging friends, I had to visit the actual restaurant.

Wonderpho decor

Wonderpho decor

What I enjoyed was how clean and modern the restaurant looked, with jars of spices as decor. The chopsticks were placed in jars, water was served in jugs, and my avocado shake was served in a mason jar. My guess is that Wonderpho must be owned by some young enterpreneurs or their marketing team has caught on with the importance of social media. How many Vietnamese restaurants have a website? WonderPho is on Twitter (@sowonderpho), Instagram (@sowonderpho) and Facebook.

Their menu is printed on their placemats on both sides for easy-ordering. For pho, customers have a choice of the broth, meat and the noodle type. The back on the menu offers vermicelli and rice dishes.

Wonderpho menu

Wonderpho menu

I ordered the Hai San Pho with a broth with shrimp paste, lemongrass, galangal, garlic, kaffir lime leaves with beef and rice, with an avocado shake on the side.


The broth really hit the spot as I love sour and spicy broth, even on a hot summer day. My ribeye was not rare, as the menu had suggested it would be. I should have spoken up but was too hungry to mention it to my server.


For their vermicelli, I noticed the restaurant did not offer grilled pork or shrimp in sugar cane, or chicken wings as an appetizer, which are staples for many Vietnamese restaurants.


The choices on the menu are simple and has a smaller selection than traditional Vietnamese restaurants. Aside from the overcooked beef in my soup, I enjoyed what I had ordered. I will return to try out more food items to get a better feel for the food and consistency.

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