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Product review: Natural Sins baked-dried fruit snacks

My husband and I are hoarders of snacks, we buy TONs of snacks to try but it can take us months to finish snacks we deemed as ‘okay’.

When I got a chance to try out Ely Products, Natural Sins 100% natural baked dried fruits, I was excited! I found a healthy snack that we both enjoyed and devoured in a few days.

First thing I noticed about the snacks was that they were beautiful and looked great on my plates! I don’t normally call my snacks beautiful. They looked delicate and the colours stayed true to the original fruit. They had the right amount of sweetness and a lot of crunch.  The flavours came in orange, mango, apple, pineapple, coconut and beetroot, with coconut, beetroot and apple as my top 3.

Natural Sins mango and pineapple thins

Natural Sins mango and pineapple thins

Natural Sin beetroot and apple thins

Natural Sin beetroot and apple thins

Natural Sin orange and coconut thins

Natural Sin orange and coconut thins

The best part is that they are healthy! What makes them stand out is that there are no preservatives, fat free, rich in fiber, gluten and GMO free. I don’t normally pay too much attention to all these points when I want to snack but now I can finally put this on my list of healthy and tasty snacks.

Healthy is great, but I hate paying a premium for healthy foods. On the Ely Products website, you can buy them online for $39.50 before tax for 12 packs (just over $3/pack), which is reasonable. I hope they start selling them at chains like Costcos and Loblaws. Right now, some of the grocery stores that carry them in Toronto include Galleria Supermarkets, Max’s Market, Fresh & Wild, Rabba Fine Foods, St. Lawrence Market, Bruno’s Fine Food and Starsky in Mississauga.

Overall: Worth buying.

For more information, visit them at and twitter handle @naturalsins

*The snacks were complimentary but the opinions in the post are my own.

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