Mary’s Happy Belly Digest September 2014: What’s new and exciting

I hope all my readers are sincerely doing well.

I have lots going on and want to share what’s new and exciting on my end:

  • I will be joining the  TeachIT Community to provide cooking lessons and amazing recipes. If you love learning, check out their site!
  • I was invited last week to taste the upcoming Veggielicious menu at Chef Susur Lee’s restaurant Bent and got an awesome cooking workshop (#Veggielicious101) taught by Chef Lee. The blog post will be out next week!
  • I am attending a store opening tomorrow at one of my favourite bubbletea shops, Chatime! Location and pictures to be posted on Instagram.
  • I have joined the Zomato community which will be a huge restaurant search guide similar to Yelp and Urbanspoon. I will be meeting some of the community members this week.
  • …AND the FINAL NEWS is very very exciting…it is not exactly blogging related but it relates to cooking. Can you guess? The news will be announced NEXT week!

I am behind on recipe and restaurant review blog posts but there are lots of great content to share coming your way.

Tell me what’s new with you?! What are you cooking these days? What are some “must try” restaurants in Toronto that you would recommend?



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