Mary’s Happy Belly Digest December 2014: A Year In Review

Wishing you all a healthy, delicious and happy new year!

I officially hit my first year of food blogging and seeing that 2015 is just a day away, I wanted to take this moment to highlight my year and talk about what’s ahead.

  • I started blogging at the end of November 2013 as a way to document recipes. As I started getting invites to restaurant openings and food festivals throughout the year, this was completely eye opening for me. The blogging stemmed from passion and it was not about the business side of things, and it still remains the same. I appreciate every invitation.
  • Many have said that I was lucky for have met many celebrity chefs or that I was lucky to be invited to media events. It did not happen overnight and it continually takes hard work and connections to succeed in blogging.
  • In February of last year, I organized my first blogging event for the Hyatt Regency. I had no idea at the time, but I can pinpoint that it was what helped me tremendously in getting more followers.
  • In one year, I have met a ton of celebrity chefs and was even taught from one of my idols Chef Susur Lee on how to make dim sum at his restaurant Luckee. That was memorable!
  • It’s hard to pinpoint the best culinary moment, but if I had to, it would be my experience on the Pressure Cooker competing and having Chef Eric Greenspan as my mentor. The experience was heart pumping fun!
  • And last, I was really proud that I raised over $2800 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and attended the culinary showdown in November. It was an incredible way to end the year and another bucket list item. Chef Vikram Vij was one hilarious and talented chef. Thank you for all the supporters!

 So what can you expect from me in 2015?

I will continue to showcase my love for food through my blog posts. There will be a contest soon as a way to celebrate my first year of my blogging success.

Thank you to all my supporters or for those who happen to stop by. Happy 2015!

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