How to stay organized when planning a party

One of my strong skills is being super organized. Yes, my boss, family and friends can attest to that. I want to share organizational tips that work for me.

Here are some guidelines for every host to help stay organized and happy: 

1. Write out your plan

Most well-organized people do this already. It works! Don’t rely on planning in your head.

Write down what you have to do, what food you will prepare, cooking instructions, how long tasks will take to complete, when you will complete the tasks, and who can help you out (my career is in project management, can you tell?!). The level of detail is up to you! I suggest keeping your notes to one page.

2. Make your plan visible

Place your plan in a visible spot. I suggest the fridge or on your phone! What’s the use of creating a list if you won’t refer to it?

And last…

3. Incorporate a way to enjoy the preparation for your party

For example, you can play your favourite songs on your playlist as you prepare for your party, or you can celebrate every time you hit a goal or milestone in your plan. This can mean a nice tea break or TV time.

This last step is important, don’t skip it. Of course, just don’t celebrate all day and not do the work!

These steps may seem simple, but if you are not using these guidelines already, try it out. Writing your thoughts helps to visualize what you need to do. Plus, being able to check off your tasks is very satisfying.

Happy Hosting!

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