Happy Mother’s Day!

A big HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mothers and grandmothers in the world!

It’s a special one for me because it’s my first Mother’s Day! I love being a mom to a precious and sweet baby girl who brightens up my day!

Another reason why this Mother’s Day is so special is my husband surprised me and said he will buy me a smoker! Since we have been married, for our birthday’s and holidays, we made an agreement to not buy eachother gifts.

Since I started a BBQ style cooking course at George Brown College, his rationale is that I should practice what I learn from class….and to make him some tasty eats. My husband loves to BBQ and to eat meat more than I do, so maybe this new smoker is really for him. I am just kidding, I am truly surprised and excited to use it.

Stay tuned for delicious recipes that are perfect for the warmer weather in Toronto!  



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  1. Brad says:

    Get a Big Green Egg or one of the “knockoff” brands (which are just as good probably). BGEs can be purchased on the cheap from Eggfests or other brands for 1/2 the price. I have an XL BGE and love it. You can do *anything* on it from smoking all the way up to steaks at 900F if you really want to. I’ll tell you more in class. 🙂

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