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[Review with video] Carolyn Cohen’s DeliciousDish Cooking School

Event date: March 27th, 2017, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Carolyn Cohen is the owner of DeliciousDish; a cooking school that has operated for 14 years out of her gorgeous home. Her cooking school specializes in whole food home cooking, meal planning, recipe developing and healthy eating.

Carolyn Cohen in her beautiful kitchen

A group of top Toronto food Instagrammers and I were invited to a class at DeliciousDish with “Weeknight Quickies” as our class theme.  Carolyn taught us how to make sesame snap peas, a deconstructed caesar salad, maple shellacked salmon fillets, 6 ingredient spaghetti and meatballs, and chocolate babka buns. We were given a booklet to take home with 8 recipes including the dishes she had made.

Check out what it is like to be at a DeliciousDish class (2 minute video). You will learn some cool tips! Like what you see? Subscribe to my channel!

I can understand why Carolyn’s classes have been in high demand and have sold out continuously throughout the years. I have gone to several cooking classes at various locations including George Brown College, Longo’s, Kitchen Academy and Dish Cooking studio. Thinking back, my best experiences were the classes with a passionate, friendly and knowledgeable instructor. Carolyn Cohen was all that and more, and was able to pull off 5 dishes for a large group of us in just over an hour. I had my share of “not so great” instructors in the past. Our class was not hands on but we were only a few feet away from her in the interactive class.

Maple Shellacked Salmon from DeliciousDish

Pasta dish from DelicioushDish

Chocolate babka buns

Carolyn provided time saving tips and product backgrounds that I had found valuable. I didn’t realize that sesame oil has a high smoke point, and is an excellent oil for stir frying vegetables. Growing up, my family and I typically added sesame oil into marinades or would add a few drops to dishes before serving. Carolyn’s meatballs were phenomenal, and her “cheat” secret was to add store bought pesto to amplify the flavours and to save time on a weeknight.

Sesame snap peas

All the dishes were delicious and healthy using quality ingredients. I enjoyed the meal, especially the pasta and salmon, as much as I learned how to make it.

I love the modern and intimate setting of the class, which will make the perfect setting for various gatherings.

Carolyn’s services include:

  • Cooking classes including for special events (i.e bridal showers, birthday parties and private)
  • Cooking and kitchen consultations
  • Housekeeper cooking training
  • University cooking prep
  • Bridal registry and kitchen set-up
  • Meal planning and family meal planning
  • Recipe development
  • Not on the list? Just ask!

I was invited by JoJoInstameets, founded by Joanne Sable and Joanne Wong ( on Instagram). I look forward to attending another similar fun and well organized event.

Do check out DeliciousDish for more information and connect with her on social media (@deliciousdishTO on Twitter and @carolyncohento on Instagram).

Joanna’s of #JojoInstameet and Carolyn Cohen

*Disclosure: The cooking class was complimentary but the opinions in the post are my own. I was not asked to write a review.

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