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    Interview with Chef Nuit Regular- Toronto’s Queen of Thai Food

    Picture courtesy of Chef Nuit
    Photo credit: Chef Nuit Regular 

    Chef Nuit Regular and her husband Jeff Regular, own several successful Thai restaurants in Toronto including Pai, Sukhothai, Sabai Sabai Kitchen and Bar, Kiin and formerly Khao San Road. Having fallen in love with Chef Nuit’s food at various charity events I have attended and at her restaurants, it was fun to get to know more about Chef Nuit when she is cooking at home.

    Until this day, my favourite Pad Thai in Toronto is from Pai Restaurant. The Pad Thai has loads of veggies, perfectly cooked noodles and it is all tossed in Chef Nuit’s mouth-watering homemade tamarind sauce. Her restaurants are known for their hip vibe while serving authentic northern Thai food.

    Picture courtesy of Chef Nuit

    Photo credit: Chef Nuit Regular

    Interview with Chef Nuit Regular:

    1.When did you first discovered you enjoyed cooking?

    When I was in nursing school, it became a real passion. When I was younger it felt more like a chore but as I grew up I learned to appreciate it for what it was.

    2. With several restaurants, how do you allocate your time between the restaurants?

    I had a great team. We have managers that help us out that have been with us for over five years.

    3. What are a few differences between Northern and Southern Thai food?

    The main difference is that Northern food focuses more on the produce that comes from the land, so the food is more vegetable-heavy with fresh herbs. While Southern food has a lot of seafood-based dishes with coconut milk.

    4. Your typical eating day consists of…?

    Healthy breakfast
    Northern vegetable curry for lunch
    And I keep it light for dinner usually papaya salad

    5. Can you provide a few tips for home cooks, who want to make a good Pad Thai at home? For example, should we soak dried rice noodles? What are some key ingredients? Is Tamarind paste a must?

    Yes tamarind paste is a must and soak the rice noodles in room temperature water for at least an hour

    6. What is your favourite grocery store?

    T & T in cherry street

    7. What is your favourite ingredient to cook with at the moment?

    Wild ginger

    8. With the cold weather, what is your favourite comfort dish to make at home?

    Northern curry

    9. Will you open any other restaurants in the next 5 years?

    Que sera sera – I love that song

    Chef Nuit will be at ‘Recipe For Change’ to support FoodShare: 

    Chef Nuit at Recipe for Change 2016

    Chef Nuit at Recipe for Change 2017

    Aside from overseeing several restaurants, Chef Nuit and her husband can be seen serving delicious Thai dishes at many culinary charity events in Toronto.

    On Feb. 22nd, 2018 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, Chef Nuit will one of participating Chefs at Recipe For Change to support FoodShare. FoodShare is a non-profit organization that works with communities and schools to deliver healthy food and food education. Since 1985, FoodShare has pioneered innovative programs like the Good Food Box, impacted what kids eat in school, and improved the way people eat and grow food across Toronto every day (source:  FoodShare).

    The event, presented by Tangerine Bank, will bring thirty of Toronto’s diverse and talented chefs and restaurateurs together to prepare signature dishes at the St. Lawrence Market Temporary North Market. Guests like me will be connecting, celebrating, and savouring tasty eats.  Tickets for Recipe for Change are now on sale through The ticket includes all-you-can-eat-and-drink access for the duration of the three-hour event. It is a must attend event that you don’t want to miss out!

    I have had the privilege to cover the fun and tasty event for several years (read about the Recipe for Change 2017, 2016, 2015 experience) and I can’t wait to eat and party for the future of food.

    Grilled Pork Jowl Salad from Pai Northern Kitchen. Recipe for Change 2016

    Grilled Pork Jowl Salad from Pai Northern Kitchen. Recipe for Change 2017

    If you are attending, make sure to stop by Chef Nuit’s booth! Make sure to check my Instagram account @maryshappybelly during and after the event for highlights.

    Thank you to Chef Nuit Regular for the opportunity to be featured. Follow Chef Nuit on Instagram @chefnuitregular. 

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